Friday, March 11, 2011


Thanks to Brenda at Geektress for this one. She's fluent in Engrish, English, and Japlish


Yep, thats a word in English

Childhood obesity is a myth

The interior design of Del Taco is kind of frightening

He's going to need it in that piece of crap

It's been rumored that Jim Woodring secretly worked at the BRC Studios designing stickers and learning Engrish.

Not sure what this one is about.

A bewildering gay encounter?

...there it is!

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  1. I just received the shadow kiss zoom one. It accurately expresses the fundamental zeitgeist of the contemporary otaku era, with its surreal depiction of colorful ominousness and the fetishizing of fleeting, cartoonish romance. This sticker will be the basis for my doctoral thesis.